Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Matt

1 Born in Cut Bank, Montana

2 Has a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Aikido

Loves to hike and take nature photography3 Loves to hike and take nature photography

4 Can juggle

5 Is a huge sci-fi fan, especially of Dr. Who and Firefly

Is afraid of clowns6 Is afraid of clowns

Is afraid of clowns7 Is an animal lover (especially dogs, but cats are awesome, too)

8 Is learning to play guitar

9 Was valedictorian of his High School class (of eighteen students)

Is afraid of clowns10 Has been known to play Pretty Pretty Princess with his daughter


I am a Creative/Art Director, UX/UI and graphic designer with a passion for what I do. Throughout my entire career, I’ve focused on creating engaging user experiences in print, environmental and digital media. I create user-centric websites, user interfaces and landing pages designed to enhance communications, increase profits by converting online visits to sales, inquiries and memberships.

Matt Meeks
4531 Beach Court
Denver, CO 80211